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Removal of fat deposits and cellulite

INDIBA Edna enables performance non-invasive and painless treatments for the removal of fat deposits from the body and the removal of cellulite, which give extraordinary results from the very first treatment.

Anti-cellulite treatments for body shaping, weight loss, treating stretch marks, buttock lift, skin tightening

Key benefits of INDIBA Edna Pro Max for removing fat deposits

Quick and visible results:

The results are already noticeable after the first session, and the continuation of the treatment leads to even more pronounced effects.

Safety and comfort:

Thanks to TURBO MAX technology that enables controlled hyperthermia, treatments are not only effective, but also safe and comfortable for users.

Stimulation of cell metabolism:

INDIBA Edna Pro Max improves cell metabolism, encouraging them to break down fat deposits more efficiently.

Increase in blood flow:

The device dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow, which helps remove toxins and improve overall tissue well-being.

Stimulation of collagen production:

Treatments also stimulate collagen production, which can improve skin elasticity and firmness.

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Areas of the body where INDIBA Edna Pro Max can remove fat deposits


Reduction of localized fat deposits on the abdomen for a flatter and more toned appearance.

Hips and buttocks:

Shaping and fat reduction on the hips and buttocks for better defined contours.


Treatment of fatty deposits on the thighs, including cellulite.


Reduction of fat deposits in the underarm area for a better defined facial line.

WITH INDIBA Edna Pro Max, you can target and remove fat deposits on different parts of the body, achieving toned and well-shaped contours.

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