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Revealed: How this cutting-edge treatment beats Dermal Fillers and PRP in the battle to eliminate dark circles

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Innovations in aesthetic medicine are constantly changing the way we approach beauty and skin care. In the sea of available treatments, INDIBA Edna Pro Max stands out as an advanced, non-invasive alternative to traditional methods such as dermal fillers and PRP therapy. In this blog we will explore how this modern treatment provides an effective, painless and comfortable solution to the problem removing dark circles.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are popular in the treatment of dark circles because they fill in hollows and reduce the visibility of dark circles. However, as an invasive method, they carry risks such as swelling, bruising and even asymmetry. Although they provide immediate results, they are not a long-term solution and require regular touch-ups.

A more detailed analysis of dermal fillers:

Dermal fillers contain substances such as hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin. When injected, fillers can temporarily smooth wrinkles and add volume under the eyes. However, the procedure carries certain risks:

  • Risks and Side Effects: In addition to swelling and bruising, there is a risk of allergic reactions, asymmetry and even infections.
  • Durability: The results are temporary, usually lasting between 6 and 18 months, after which the treatment must be repeated.
  • Maintenance: Requires regular clinic visits to maintain results.

PRP Therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy uses the patient's blood to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. The procedure involves drawing blood, centrifugation to extract the plasma, and injection into the targeted areas. This procedure can be useful, but its results are not always consistent and require multiple sessions. In addition, PRP therapy can be uncomfortable and requires a certain recovery period.

More detailed analysis of PRP Therapy:

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy uses the patient's blood to stimulate skin renewal and collagen production. The procedure involves drawing blood, centrifugation to extract the plasma, and injection into the targeted areas.

  • Process and Efficiency: PRP is a more natural approach, but its effectiveness can vary depending on the individual.
  • Recovery: Swelling and redness at injection sites may occur.
  • Periodicity: Several sessions are needed to maintain the results.

INDIBA Edna Pro Max

In contrast to the mentioned treatments, INDIBA Edna Pro Max represents progress in non-invasive treatments. This device uses radiofrequency therapy at a frequency of 448kHz, which enables deep tissue penetration, stimulating circulation, synthesis of collagen and elastin, and improving the general condition of the skin.

Key advantages of INDIBA Edna Pro Max:

  1. Non-invasiveness: Unlike fillers and PRP, INDIBA does not require needles or surgery.
  2. Painlessness and Comfort: Treatments are painless and relaxing, which makes them ideal for people with a low pain tolerance threshold.
  3. Security: The risk of infections and complications that are common with invasive treatments is reduced.
  4. Consistency of Results: INDIBA offers predictable and consistent results.
  5. Minimal or No Recovery: After the treatment, there is no need for recovery, which allows the continuation of daily activities.

Technological Innovation INDIBA Edna Pro Max devices:

INDIBA Edna Pro Max stands out with its advanced technology:

  • Radiofrequency Therapy: At a frequency of 448kHz, this technology penetrates deep into the tissue, encouraging regeneration and renewal.
  • TURBO MAX Technology: Provides fast results by increasing tissue temperature, which is especially useful for under eye treatments.
  • Adaptive Treatments: Enables personalized treatments depending on the specific needs and goals of clients.

Advantages of INDIBA Edna Pro Max:

INDIBA Edna Pro Max uses radiofrequency technology to stimulate cell renewal and improve circulation, without the need for invasive procedures.

  • Safety and Comfort: As a non-invasive method, INDIBA reduces the risks associated with injections and surgical procedures. The treatment is painless and relaxing.
  • Long-lasting Results: By encouraging the body to naturally produce collagen, the results can be longer lasting compared to the temporary solutions offered by fillers.
  • No Recovery: The absence of recovery makes this method suitable for busy individuals.
  • Universality: INDIBA treatment is suitable for different skin types and can be adapted to individual needs.


Compared to traditional methods such as dermal fillers and PRP therapy, INDIBA Edna Pro Max offers a safer, more comfortable and potentially longer-lasting option for treating dark circles. Its ability to improve the skin's appearance without the need for invasive procedures makes it an attractive choice for those looking for effective yet simple solutions. Given the technological advances and the growing demand for non-invasive aesthetic treatments, INDIBA Edna Pro Max can be considered the future of skin rejuvenation and dark circles removal treatments. Its ability to provide visible results without unwanted side effects and long-term recovery makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an effective solution to aesthetic skin problems.

Progress in Aesthetic Medicine:

Aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving, providing more advanced and safer options. While dermal fillers and PRP therapy were once the pinnacle of innovation, today such treatments have been surpassed by new technologies such as INDIBA Edna Pro Max. This indicates a trend towards treatments that are less invasive, provide better results and offer greater comfort for clients.

For those interested, INDIBA Edna Pro Max treatment services are available in Split and Zadar. For more information on this innovative treatment, visit svmarija.com, where you can learn more about the treatment and how it can help solve your dark circles problems.

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